Smart grazing, higher profit, lower risk
Simplifying complex grazing decisions
Identifying real-time and best-bet grazing management options is difficult:
● information to develop these options often doesn't represent individual farms
● is time consuming
● it is difficult to implement
● lack of certainty and limited information for decision-making

For this reason, decisions made about when, where and for how long animals should graze paddocks are largely subjective, and are often suboptimal.

We are developing the GrazingApp to guide grazing management decisions for sheep and cattle grazing. GrazingApp will budget feed on an individual paddock and whole farm basis.

It has potential to improve the accuracy of grazing management decisions to reduce risk and enhance profit.
Help us develop the tool you need
This short survey is designed to understand your grazing decisions so we can design an app that meets your needs.
Improved feeding, higher returns.
Productive pastures, less bare ground.
Forward projections, confidence in decisions.
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